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Are you on a mission to find the perfect gift that will put a huge smile and tears of joy on the face of a special person in your life? Are you struggling to discover the thing that will function as a symbol of your unconditional love and adoration toward this special individual? A gift card from Aetion Art can say all these and even more!

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Searching for and selecting a gift for someone is an intimate process as it requires a lot of pondering over the other person: what their interests are, what they need, what makes them smile, how they like spending their free time and so many more questions that would take us hours to pose and answer. 

A successful gift is one that shows the other person that you know them well, that you can tell what is missing from their life even if they are not even aware of it. It is not a shame to admit that even people who have known a particular individual for many years are unsuccessful in identifying the ideal present for them.

This is where Aetion Art steps in to save the day —literally. By purchasing a gift card, your loved one gains access to our extraordinary art collection. They can choose any of the unique Aetion Art pieces they like, whatever makes their heart skip a beat. Our expert and creative artists and the precious metals they use guarantee that they will enjoy their gift for many years to come. 

And to make matters better, you can surprise and deeply move the recipient of your gift even more by submitting a special message that will be included in the gift card notification via email. 

This is your chance to encourage the person you hold dear to be unapologetically true to themselves and not to be afraid to express their personality through their fashion style and their interior design choices.

I’m interested in buying a gift card. What do I have to do?

The purchase of a gift card is extremely easy, and you simply follow the steps required in order to add an item in your cart as you would normally do for any other product.    To be more specific, you need to complete the following steps in order to successfully buy a gift card.   

  1. Go to the gift card page. 
  2. Choose the amount you wish to be deposited in the gift card.  
  3. Fill in the email of the person to whom you want to send this gift card in the “To” field. 
  4. In the “From” field, you need to type your name. Your name will be used in order to inform the recipient that you have bought them a gift card. 
  5. Then, you have the option to write a message that will be included in the gift card email sent to the recipient. 
  6. Add to card.
  7. FIll in your details at the checkout. 
  8. Pay for the gift card online. 
  9. And you are done! An email will be sent to your recipient informing them about the gift card you have bought for them. 

Can I send a gift card anonymously? 

No. You have to provide a name so that the recipient knows who sent them this gift. However, it is not against the rules to use just your first name or a nickname in order to identify yourself.

How will the recipient be notified about the gift card?

Once you have completed the gift card purchase, the recipient will receive an email containing the name of the sender of this gift, the optional message submitted, the amount issued in this card and the gift card number. 

I have received a gift card. How can I redeem it? 

There are two possible ways to redeem your gift card:   

  1. By clicking on the “Redeem” button at the bottom of the email you’ve received, you are transferred to the Aetion Art eshop. There you can add to your cart any item you like. The gift card discount is automatically applied. 
  2. You can browse the Aetion Art eshop and add to your cart any items you like. When you go to checkout, you can paste the Gift Card Number as stated in the email in the appropriate field. The gift card is redeemed. 

What happens if the item I’m interested in costs less than the gift card I received?

You can use your gift card number multiple times until no money is left. 

Gift Card FAQs