Any conventionality contradicts an artist’s vision. Daily stereotypes and mechanized patterns restrict the power of art. Setting aside boundaries and ordinary images, the artist decides to become a partaker of another reality, often unfamiliar to most but always present. Influenced by London’s multicultural scene and its unpretentious vibes, he explores the ingenious, the elegant, the prohibited, the new wave and sculpts figurines that adorn both the female and the male body.

Each piece of jewelry tells a story, witnesses an experience, harks to mental inhibitions and evokes a variety of emotions. Their palette has many shades. Emotions well hidden or in hibernation. Silent or oppressed emotions. The artist is called to discover this mystery and to bring to light untamed aspects of the human soul. Each piece of jewelry expresses the desire, the dream, the pretension, the rejection, the hope… Do not we mature through them? After all, do not we live for these? Do not these belong to us? Do not these motivate us? The new line of jewelry… comes to remind that a piece of jewelry makes a statement and does not just adorn a female or male body. The new wave jewelry dares and boasts.

The Philosophy Behind our Jewelry

Although all people look so much alike, every single person on this earth has gone through different experiences, has grown up in a distinct environment and has developed a unique kind of seeing and thinking about the world. All these differences make us complex and unique.

Aetion Art attempts to cater for people who recognize and are proud of their distinctive personality. We are inspired by mythical creatures, historical figures, natural elements and even inanimate cultural icons in order to showcase the importance of transcending normality and of not conforming to limiting norms. Instead, our collections encourage you to make your own rules and show the whole world who you are.

Creating something from scratch is like giving life to a creature. In order to avoid making a monster, we carefully collect and process excellent silver and gold metals. Then, we shape them into impressive designs that will leave their mark on everyone’s mind.

The Art of Jewelry

We have to warn you that we make pieces of jewelry and paintings that are unlike anything you have already seen. This derives from the fact that we see everything we do as art, not just profitable products. Each and every item in our collection has a story to tell, a sensation to spark in the depths of the wearer’s and even the witness’s soul.

Our process of jewelry-making is something you must know about us. The magic starts in our foundry, where we melt precious metals, and it is completed in our private workshops, in which all the designing and crafting happens. Our jewelry designers are free to let their imagination run wild and create novel and extraordinary wearable art.